Adobe Bringing Audition To The Mac. Could Sonar Be Next?

Adobe has announced that it’s bringing Audition to the Mac. Apparently a lot of people use Macs for doing audio……

Here’s what Adobe has to say about Adobe Audition for the Mac:

Adobe Audition for Mac, coming in a future release, will bring modern audio post-production to the platform of your choice. Familiar tools for audio editing, multitrack mixing and recording will meet expanded device support, greater workflow flexibility, and optimized performance. Plus, best-of-breed audio restoration tools make it easy to clean up production audio. With the essential tools you rely on for fast-turn projects, Audition for the Mac brings a fresh face to audio post-production.

We expect to make a public beta of Audition for the Mac available in Winter 2010.

Audition for Mac will offer:

  • Powerful audio editing and multitrack mixing views
  • Superior noise reduction capabilities
  • Native 5.1 Surround support and multi-channel effects, plus other new effects
  • Optimized audio post-production workflows
  • Fast start-up, high performance multi-threaded processing, and parallel workflows

5 thoughts on “Adobe Bringing Audition To The Mac. Could Sonar Be Next?

  1. I would have bought Audition for Windows if it wasn't for the copy protection Adobe uses that's been known to write data in your boot sector.

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