Orbital, Featuring Matt Smith, Play Dr. Who


Current Dr. Matt Smith & Orbital  cover the Dr. Who theme at Glastonbury 2010.

Clearly a crowd-pleaser, but it can’t top Derbyshire’s version, can it?

via someonelikethemoon:

WARNING: This video contains strobe lighting.

Shame Orbital didn’t do the theme for Series 5 but this will do just nicely.

8 thoughts on “Orbital, Featuring Matt Smith, Play Dr. Who

  1. A rather weak drumbeat where a strong and *massive* bassline should be. I think that's the main reason why this won't appeal to much Who fans.

  2. I thought it was excellent. Remember, it's live. It's not a carefully constructed 30 seconds long TV show theme. It's 6 minutes long, and they manage to rock it *and* have everyone in the place dancing. Also, I have a funny feeling that the "weak drumbeat" might have had chest-pounding strength when heard live and in person. This is a YouTube video after all, and not a concert PA system. As a Doctor Who fan since the early '70s I have to say that I totally loved it.

  3. I do wonder what Matt Smith does in this. It's really difficult to tell if he's actually playing anything, but it would be super-cool if we actually had a synth-playing timelord!
    I must admit though, I'm not a big fan of Orbital's version – without it being in 6/8, it toally loses that 'feel'. But then again I'm just a massive fusspot 😛

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