Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings

Producer, ambient composer and generative artist Brian Eno discusses his multimedia work 77 Million Paintings in an interview for Mexico’s

Conceived by Eno as “visual music”, 77 Million Paintings is a constantly evolving sound and imagescape which continues his exploration into light as an artist’s medium and the aesthetic possibilities of generative art.

He first created 77 Million Paintings to bring art to the increasing number of flat panel TVs and monitors that often sit darkened and underutilized. Now Eno is also showing large installations of this work, recently at the Venice Bienniale and Milan Triennale, and in Tokyo, London and South Africa. The installation at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts was the North American Premiere of his work.

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Brian Eno explica sus “77 millones de pinturas” en entrevista exclusiva para

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  1. I always get this wierd "I'm wasting my life" feeling when seeing Eno. Like I don't THINK enough. I'm forever suffering from an acute Eno-induced inferiority complex.

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