Glenn Marshall’s Generative Video Apps For iPad To Support Video Output

Generative visual artist Glenn Marshall has announced that he’s bringing his piece Metamorphosis to the Apple iPad.

Metamorphosis has proved more popular than anything else I’ve done.  It’s been my ‘big hit’. I often contemplate this.  Maybe because it’s not ‘too’ abstract, the eternal symbolism of the Butterfly, coupled with a generative animation concept that mirrors the cycle of life and death, and the potent atmosphere from the Boards of Canada soundtrack.

He also mentions that he’s adding video output support to all his iPad apps:

all my generative apps for iPad (Eyegasm, Supernova) are getting updated for VGA projection, with added speed & color settings.  I’m also updating Zio at the minute for iOS 4 – which will also have VGA support!

This is a welcome move. Marshall’s generative visuals seem like a natural complement to synthesized sounds. Used with a projector, this could provide interesting background visuals or input for VJ remixing.

7 thoughts on “Glenn Marshall’s Generative Video Apps For iPad To Support Video Output

  1. Why aren't these things available for the PC/MAC ??
    I mean we hear almost daily about some new app for
    the iPad, and hardly anything for the PC/MAC.
    I like my PC, I like having a big screen, I am not
    an on-the-go kinda of person, so I should miss out ?

  2. I bet that developers can make apps for the iPad a lot more quickly.

    They don't have to make their apps compatible with 10 different DAWs, they don't have to test dozens of different hardware combinations and the limitations of the iPad, compared to a full-fledged PC, probably make development faster.

  3. " They don't have to make their apps compatible with 10 different DAWs,"

    ?Well untill other simular platforms like the iPad hit the market, and you know there will be some. iPad still isn't set up for pro audio, so it still remains a toy AFAIC…I just thought having some generative visuals for some of my music to put up on youutube would be
    kinda cool.

  4. [Yes, it’s VJ Franz K of the iPad Guitar. ;-)> Seen the new design yet?]

    re: VGA Video out
    EVERY App Should send video out… I still don’t see why they all don’t?

    That’s my VJ two cents 😉 Though I know that programing something that “seems easy” may actually be quite difficult… perhaps there is a technological mismatch between video standards somehow

    I’m starting as an iPad developer myself – sound, visual, etc. apps

    Compared with the rest of the disjoint tech world – the app store seems to be an excellent way for even a lone programmer to connect to the world, with a product of sufficient inspiration, that is!

    (or sufficient stupidity! as we sometimes see on youtube hit lists.)

    there are many iPad haters – but I think many of them really haven’t given it a true chance – this will not replace your desktop machine for all functions, but for a fun, useful, innovative* portable that WORKS – computers have not been this fun in years!

    *there is no touch screen as good as this at any price (except for the differently purposed monotouch Wacom Cintique.)

    1. Have to agree with you on apps needing video out. Lots of apps create interesting visuals – this shouldn't be limited.

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