An Interview With Robert Rich

Iowa Public Radio icon John Pemble interviewed ambient pioneer Robert Rich during his recent visit to Des Moines and put together this fantastic video portrait.

via JohnPemble:

Robert Rich has been creating music in the atmospheric / ambient / electronic genre for three decades and is often heard on the public radio program Music from the Hearts of Space. His atmospheric spaces with unique rhythms often accompany his custom PVC flutes or the sound of the lap steel guitar played in a glissando style

During a concert stop in Des Moines he describes how his long form slow music relies on being in the moment and how he expresses sound in its flow from moment to moment during live performances.

Robert’s music has been a major influence in my own sound as an ambient musician and for years I featured his recordings when I hosted the now defunct Iowa Public Radio program Wild Rose CafĂ©.

4 thoughts on “An Interview With Robert Rich

  1. You don't look ashamed.

    I thought it was a great interview. Other than the color, the production seems pretty professional, too.

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