Monome Kits Coming July 16th has announced that new monome kits will be available starting July 16th.
Monome Kit Details:

  • USB bus powered
  • supports up to four 8×8 keypad grids, for a total of 16×16
  • auxiliary ports for additional digital or analog i/o, such as knobs, joysticks, accelerometers, rotary encoders, switches, LEDs
  • boot loader for easy firmware updates and customization, no external programmer needed
  • open source firmware and schematics

The new monome is a modular system, designed to ofer scalability and customization.

The individual parts are:

  • Logic: Hub which communicates with the computer and other connected modules. User firmware updates allow extended functionality.
  • Driver: helper electronics which light up the grid and collect keypad data. Connects to the logic section with a single ribbon cable.
  • Grid: 8×8 keypad surface, connects to the driver board directly. Customizable LED color (not included).

One driver is needed per grid. For a full 8×8, you’d need 1 logic 1 driver 1 grid. a full 8×16 would require 1 logic 2 driver 2 grid. etc.

Note: A full kit requires the user to create or source a top plate and enclosure.

Pricing and details are available at

2 thoughts on “Monome Kits Coming July 16th

  1. The pricing seems a bit over the top.. I realize that mass production (novation, akai) means you can sell for a lower price, but.. You get more for less cash and less work with the launchpad.. and really the apc40, considering the cost of whatever case you decide to slap it in.. I've been wanting a monome since last year, but I think I may have to let that dream go.

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