27 thoughts on “Deadmau5 Modular Synth Porn

  1. I don't think I have ever heard anything impressive come out of
    all the synth porn posted here…seems to me that I hear all
    basic sounds with a redundant, droning, sequence.

    I have always thought ( since the early 81's ) that the
    whole point of a synth was to create something that
    is unique. something that seperates you from everything else.

    Give me a DAW and Rapture anyday.

  2. well – im not making music to please YOU… so your inquiry is ultimately meaningless

    but i can promise you that i could use a modular that size to make something youve never heard in your wildest dreams

  3. I never asked that you make music to please me…with the current technology,
    why would you need such things ? the modular in the video is all flash
    and is to make others drool…that's all it is…SHOW…bunch of knobs and people think it's the greatest thing…I say why bother when we have current technology..

    I'll leave this alone now…but what Deadmau5 did in the video was just straight boring.

  4. you still dont get it? let me put it another way:

    i dont give a fuck what you think about anything.. your personal opinions have no influence on whether i want a modular synth or how i would use one

    get over yourself – you arent that special, and i assure you that your music is not that special either

    the world doesnt revolve around you and what you think is boring or not

  5. Your sounds that sound like nothing else sound like vangelis 70's sci-fi soundtracks. It's cool, but you aren't exactly doing anything that should put you on such a high horse.

    The great thing about modular in my opinion is that it's physical. There is absolutely nothing you can't do with software, but that's not the point. The point is the fun of being able to plug in actual cables, play with knobs, make lights blink, it's a physical experience, something that you can't get with software. It's fun, expensive, and impressive looking. What else could you want?

  6. woah…now he's gotta curse…sorry..diodn't mean to get under your skin mr. sensitive…maybe you're the one that needs to get over it.

    as far as my music special…trhat's just your opinion..I've gotten much more
    possitive comments from established artsit on my music than I have negative
    comments from people that feel the need to use profanities.

    try to have a nice day mr. sensitive.

  7. I have alot of sounds that I have yet to use in music, I have created hundreds of
    very deep, intricate, and evolving sounds on Rapture that just havn't made it into
    my music. Yeah, Vangelis is definately an inspiration. the link I provided
    is to my current works…I've had previous releases…

    Thanks for the response on modular, it was alot more helpful than
    what I recieved from someone else. I understand what you are saying about modular,
    and that's cool, my whole point was, I have yet to hear that OH-MY-GOD-I-HAVE-GOT-TO-RUN-OUT-AND-GET-ME-A-MODULAR-SETUP cos of what I heard from someone
    with a modular synth…I havn't heard anything just jaw dropping impressive come
    form a modular synth…mr. sensitive took it WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to personal and had to display his intelligence level with profanities..which didn't support his argumant in the least.

  8. ELEMENT115 – the "synth porn" tag for posts that inspire you to want to sell your car and use the money to buy synthesizers, and the "synth jam" tag for posts that may inspire you to go play/practice/compose music.

  9. Keep in mind that the elements presented in synthpron is one element of a full music piece. Kind of like a chick with a hot body on display is only one element of a full female piece. There's alot more substance going on when you combine a great instrument with some rhythm and melody. But yea, synthpron isn't good music on it's own.

  10. Mmmm… Synthprawn…

    Let's face it, after a while, ALL prawn is boring – watching other people getting it on – but it doesn't stop some people from watching it all the time.

    With a modular like that, the world could be my lobster…

  11. It's not necessarily about what kind of sounds you get from a piece of equipment or which sounds are impossible to obtain. A modular synth has the big advantage for people who play sounds more than they program sounds and save them to be dialled in later when the opportunity arises in that you have direct access to all features all of the time. No need to scroll, no need to click, no need to map a controller or buy another controller if the one you have is not big enough for the creation you've done in Reaktor, Pd, Max/MSP, whatever. Similar to the more open sound creation tools on a computer you also have the opportunity to create circuits and their interface yourself. So my guess is: If you like Max/MSP or something similar, like and understand electronics, want to play sounds (evolve them yourself by interacting with a synthesizer) then a modular system is a very good investment. Plus, you can have loads of fun with them. I come from software and software based hardware synthesizers, and thought "I can essentially get any sound I want and if not I can program something that allows me to get it". Then I got a modular synth and realised it's just the same approach as before but with different means (and I get to use my soldering iron, scope, and all those electronic parts in the drawerse more often). I would not want to miss either the digital world in which I can program nor the analog world in which I can build. In either domain I prefer modular setups of sorts. (BTW, for long evolving sounds I like digital better also. *g*)

  12. Well said. And on a side note, I've been a long time follower of yours, stretta, and needless to say I am jealous of your setup too :).

  13. Why do people buy Tube guitar amps when Solid state amps cost 1/10 and transistors are modern?

    Because, even though transistor amps are cheaper and it's a newer technology tubes are tubes.

    Open Paint, draw a circle and zoom in. What do you see? Pixels. That's what a digital oscillator does, it represents a Sine wave with lots of little samples (pixels in digital photography). An analog oscillator represents a sine wave perfectly

  14. ELEMENT115 : "I havn't heard anything just jaw dropping impressive come
    form a modular synth." well you must not be a real fucking synthesizer fan stupid.

    @ ELEMENT115 > go read a book then learn to program a modular then talk shit.

    Fuckin wanker noobie
    maybe type in modular synthesizer into youtube and spend some time listening to some good demos not this brainless E-tard kids shit music, Fuck this crappy producer also Deadmou5 whatever. sounds like zippers and crappy house.
    he got some toys from my friends shop.. we were all joking about how he is going to just take pictures with it…. he did.

  15. Also… Deadmou5
    if you KNEW how to program the buchla 200e
    you would not need to have all that other modular shit …

    Deadmou5 = Lame rich kid who makes fucking boring music for E-tards.
    go read a book. and listen to some REAL MUSIC im sure you can afford to go shopping
    maybe get some recommendations from the clerk at the record shop.

  16. I saw one of Mr. Mau5's videos where he made the following statement…

    "Basically I'm using this VCO as an oscillator".

    It made me laugh.


  17. Oh, it was this video.

    It made me laugh again.

    I saw elsewhere that the lad was being treated for "exhaustion" and missed some performances. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on him…

  18. At the end of the day deadmau5 is booking shows, has a following, and makes a living doing what he likes to do. But yeah hes a loser to whatev’s amirite ?

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