Dude Shreds On The iPad! Plus – Synthesizer Face!

iPad Music Software: YouTube user ElectricAlienCat demonstrates his iPad shredding technique, using the iPad music app ThumbJam.

And you probably thought that only keytarists shredded like this…….

Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts!

via ElectricAlienCat:

Okay, so maybe I’ve been watching too many Steve Vai dvd’s…

Backing track ‘Saw your heart out’ :
I Created this in Buzz (free pc software!), drums with BFD2.

Used my own recorded notes from a Fender Strat (clean) plugged into vst fx software PodFarm2 with custom ‘synth guitar’ settings.

Camera person: Julie

5 thoughts on “Dude Shreds On The iPad! Plus – Synthesizer Face!

  1. That doesn't look very difficult. the synth looks like it is just playing notes in the heptonic/pentatonic scale. very easy to play cool sounding riffs, and almost impossible to play a wrong note…

  2. i thought this would suck

    i thought this wold be some crappy representation of some mediocre technology

    i was wrong…. the tech might not be "strong" but it is solid.. and the talent is genuine

    this dude rocked the fuck out.. and he did so gloriously


    i just wish i could shed my obviously distorted pre-conceived notions that are more often wrong than right

  3. So…. how long did it take for him to manage that, versus what it would take for a real guitarist or even keytarist to do it? People used to scoff at synths and say "The machine does all the playing." Now its coming too close to true. Its "musical," but its not anywhere near what it takes to become even marginally facile on a serious instrument. What next, a Steve Vai booster pack of 100 of his most famous licks? I can get behind it as an ADJUNCT to a keyboard, guitar, woodwind or percussion controller, but if all you do is press buttons, you're missing what I think of as a vital part of playing music. I'm not saying you should never use alternate routes, but don't make the mistake of seeing an iPad as a replacement for the work and heart it takes to master something like a guitar. That speaks to the player in a way cute tech ALMOST never can. What he did was cool, no slam meant at all; after all, he could be one of the small group who lift the approach out of its glossy image and make it feel like ITSELF, rather than merely emulating old-school licks.

  4. Wellll…. That was awkward. 🙁
    Now everybody twiddling random noted at fixed scale is shredding!?!?
    Very uncool, very uncreative, very unimaginative(which this whole shredding thing has become in all other instruments too though to be sure)

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