MacBeth Modular Synthesizer Sneak Preview

Ken Macbeth offers this sneak preview of the MacBeth Studio Systems modular synthesizer:

Here’s a quick demo that I put together of the the prototype modules that I have been working on. This video features 2 x Mk1 VCOs, 1 x Mk1 8 Input Mixer, 1 x 24dB/Octave all transistor VCF and the Dual ADSR EG module with built in Gilbert Cell VCA…I hope you enjoy! Ken

3 thoughts on “MacBeth Modular Synthesizer Sneak Preview

  1. hi, been looking at these instruments for a while, and just one quiery on modular design. how are these racks connected to a midi keyboard?, might sound a bit stupid but there is maddness in the method, currently working on prototype to incorparate modular and touchscreen technology, some companies devise midi converters to cv and just wondered whether ken has manufactured similar device, to line up with his system.

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