ImproVox Brings Real-Time Pitch Correction & Harmonization To The iPad

iPad Music Software: MuseAmi’s ImproVox (App Store link) is a $7.99 application that brings real-time pitch correction and harmonization to the Apple iPad.


  • Real-time vocal pitch correction
  • Real-time 4-part harmonization in varying styles (Choral, Pop, Barbershop, Jazz, Baroque)
  • Customizable key and scale selection (with a voice-controlled key selector)
  • Traditional effects – reverb, echo, stutter, and cavern
  • Abstract effects – ring modulator, bit crusher, flanger, and auto-wah
  • Change and mix any harmony style and effect while you sing
  • Shake the device to set echo times
  • Recording capabilities with .m4a file-saving
  • Sharing capabilities via the device’s email client or iTunes document sharing.

This sounds pretty cool – but MusiAmi should really put up a demo video so you can see what you’re getting.

If you’ve used ImproVox, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Never before have so many powerful features been bundled into one easy-to-use App. With state-of-the-art audio processing and a sophisticated yet intuitive feature set, it’s both easy to enjoy and a challenge to master. Controls are simple and immediately gratifying, while recording and sharing is easy and straightforward. With 5 unique harmony styles and 8 different effects to choose from, you can make your music as simple or complex as you choose. All it takes is the desire to explore — and create.

For iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
Headphones required; supports ear bud headsets with mic and traditional headphones

3 thoughts on “ImproVox Brings Real-Time Pitch Correction & Harmonization To The iPad

  1. i just tried out this app and i must say, its pretty impressive. i played with it for almost an hour straight after purchasing it. it offers a lot more features than apps like Glee and I am TPain. it tunes and harmonizes your voice in real-time (with three additional harmonies), and also adds effects like echo, ring mod, tremolo and others. the harmonies sound incredibly natural, and you can change the style of the harmonies as you sing, so its possible to create lots of different kinds of chord progressions….pretty dang cool.

    the best part is that the interface is so simple, i learned how to use it in about 2 minutes.

    i actually think the price point is low considering the tech it offers. just get the thing. you'll have a blast

  2. As an experienced (30 years plus) singer, perhaps I had excess expectations. It was hard at first to figure out even what I was supposed to be able to do. There's very little documentation. Then I found that many controls settings produced pretty much the same results. . . . If the app is supposed to be able to "harmonize" with the singer, the singer must be able to dynamically select (in real time), the root key of the chord to be produced. You can't do that. So all the chords of the song are in the same key, which doesn't happen in real music. I rate the app as a 3 out of 5.

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