Name The New Native Instruments Traktor DJ System!

Native Instruments today dropped this teaser video for a new Traktor DJ system.

They haven’t provided any info on it yet – no name, pricing, specs or availability. They say that they’ll more details in August.

But that’s like a month away – so let’s see what you guys can come up with for a name and specs.

Maybe you can beat what the NI guys come up with!

11 thoughts on “Name The New Native Instruments Traktor DJ System!

  1. NI Kontroller … or something like that. Anyways I definitely like this because it is competing against the new VMS4 that is supposed to come out next month… however I am more interested in NI products

  2. i just hope they dont screw it. traktor 2.6 was great for me. traktor 3 a crap, never really used. now traktor pro is perfect. i will be happy with it for years.

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