17 thoughts on “Patch A Modular Synthesizer Like Tomita


    What a convoluted way of making such a common sound. O.k., I get the whole purist thing,
    there's folks out there that get a rise out of all-those-cables-and knobs-and-modules-oh-my !
    but come on…that seemed like an awful lot of work for such a simple little sound…

  2. @element115:

    i mean, you have to understand that he showed *every single mother-loving step*

    so compared to other tutorials where they'd say "do some tweaking," yeah, it looks longer, but i think i spend about the same about of time or more tweaking some ready-made vst's and their effects.

    beyond that, the end result was quite nice!

  3. I'd rather spend that amount of time making a patch like that than the same amount of time hunting through 1000 presets or samples… then again, the latter course of action is just as likely to inspire, if one chances upon a ready-made sound that one ends up composing a little tune on… I go through 'purist' phases thinking 'I really ought to save up for a modular and so do electronic music *properly*' and even more purist phases thinking 'Hell no! Never mind the equipment or method fetishes: what about spending the time making the best sounding *music*!!!'

  4. P.S. I love Tomita. Especially 'Firebird' and that concert he did with a violinist suspended from a helicopter or whatever. fabulous =D

  5. P.P.S. Perhaps Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is instructive. I mean, would he have composed what he did if he hadn't obsessively tweaked his piano?

  6. Gordon said:
    " 'Hell no! Never mind the equipment or method fetishes: what about spending the time making the best sounding *music*!!!'

    That's my philosophy, it doesn't matter what process you use, or what equipment, it's the end result that matters.

  7. By the way, I really like this little video. One can tell its producer is fascinated by something. And that's a charming quality.

  8. Excuse me, but coming from you that sounds very funny. You seem to have something against modular systems (your resentiments come up in different threads). It's never just about the music and if it were people would never use electronic instruments (including guitars with lots of effects). As I pointed out in another thread: Some people like to tweak, patch, program, and solder things. If you're totally dissimilar from those people as your claims suggest then perhaps you should just go and play somewhere else. 😉

  9. All arguments aside,….would it be safe to say that perhaps one should do whatever it takes to recreate the sounds that are bouncing around in their heads? Even if the task seems daunting to some or rewarding to others the tools should remain irrelevant. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC! I would hope to think that rules don't exist in regards to creation and creativity.

  10. But thats what takes to make what appears to be a simple sound, same thing applies if your making it on a softsynth or real modular, just as in life it's the simple things which are sometimes the the most complex to make

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