Generative Music Apps Get Update

Generative music software developers Intermorphic have announced updates to all of their desktop software apps (Noatikl, Mixtikl and Liptikl), and submitted the related Mixtikl version for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (variously iDevice) for Apple review.

Here’s what’s new:


Major Update:

  • New extensive & customisable randomisation capabilities to allow easier creation of new mixes
  • Several new dialogs that improve usability (incl. Content Cell and FX Cell screens)
  • Find recent mixes more easily with MRU operation in Open screen
  • iDevice: Much faster UI response for all versions (dialogs, screens, scrolling lists)
  • iPhone: 4 high-def “retinal” skin
  • iDevice: iOS4 fast app switching, and playback that continues when Mixtikl is backgrounded
  • iDevice: Audio file import via Intua clipboard (Apple General Pasteboard) supporting: WAV, AU, Ogg and MIDI files
  • Tap top-right in many lists toggles to top/bottom of list
  • Tap Content cell for new Content Cell Menu; Tap/hold of Content Cell now loops /un-loops cell
  • Better, cleaner UI with an increased mix area in the mixer screen
  • Start-up progress text displayed in the start screen
  • Track/Global FX now colour-coded in the mixer screen, and faded out when disabled
  • Improved trigger/one-shot cell behaviour


  • Added new piece “Length Units” parameter, that can be set to Seconds (default) or Bars (new!).
  • This is in the Piece – Basics view.
  • This allows you to specify piece length as an integer number of bars.
  • Noatikl now saves MIDI recordings as Type 1 MIDI files, with embedded Voice Name information
  • in each track to make it easier to figure-out which track came from which Noatikl voice.


  • Fixed crash in Noatikl VSTi when recording in Reaper.
  • Tidied-up the icon displayed in the Noatikl editor window.


  • Tidied-up the icon displayed in the Liptikl editor window
  • Fixed windows installer signing

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