Alessandro Cortini + The Harvestman Intro SuOnoio Synthesizer

Alessandro Cortini and Scott Jaeger (The Harvestman) have collaborated to create a fully functional synthesizer called the SuONOIO.

It’s available now at Cortini’s site and sells for $159.99.

SuONOIO is derived from Italian, suono io = i make sound.

The SuONOIO Synthesizer

The SuONOIO is portable, thanks to its battery powered operation and built-in speaker. In addition to the immediate feedback of the built-in speaker, SuONOIO features a 1/4″ output that makes it easy to be integrated with your favorite pedals, processors, amplifiers and more.

“Multiple SuONOIOs can be patched together if you decide to become a shut in or a professional concert SuONOIO-ist,” notes Cortini.

Here’s an audio preview of SuONOIO, via Cortini:

Main Features:

  • 2 Sample Players with access to Sample Banks and Pitch Control
  • 16 Point Patchable System For Routing Simple to Complex Signal Chains
  • Internal Delay Effect
  • 6 Knobs for Ultimate Tweaking Pleasure
  • Mini Patch Cords
  • 1/4″ Output
  • Integrated Speaker
  • Battery Operated
  • Multiple SuONOIO Compatibility

The SuONOIO is included as the top-of-the-line option for purchasing Cortini’s new album, SONOIO.

The SuONOIO utilizes sounds found on Cortini’s SONOIO album and allows you to reshape them into new sounds, rhythms, textures and drones.

If you’ve tried out the SuONOIO, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini + The Harvestman Intro SuOnoio Synthesizer

  1. Who's gonna order this if they can't hear it or see pictures of it?

    A link to their site in this post would've been helpful too, by the way

  2. Thanks for the feedback – this is fixed.

    There will be some that will go for it just because they're familiar with The Harvestman's work – but Cortini would do better to have photos. It would also be good to explain whether this was a limited edition release or not.

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