12 thoughts on “Ready To Take iPad DJing Seriously? Check Out This Awesome iPad + Launchpad Jam

  1. Change the name of this site is needed. iPadtopia, would suit, and describe the contents better.

    (not concerning this news story in particular. I just came in and this was first, that I saw; another blody iPad story)At first I was delighted, that the iPad would give me nice, and surprisingly versatile and numerous small synth toys on the go…but the apple hegemony supporting populist media has gone too far, far too far!!! Although I like to buy some synth stuff into my iPad every now and then, I hate that every place takes these toys too seriously and gives them far too much credit and visibility, in place of real synths. I hate iPads toy sounds. Even Korg DS-10+ for Nintendo DS sounds 100 times better (because of sound chip on DSi) and usable in mix, than this rubbish, that grows like weed, which suffocates all other synth news. Thanks a lot fan boys, it was nice knowing you and farewell. Ill come back after few years to see, if synths are finally back. So meanwhile, no clicks from me.

  2. isnt this still a part of the idea max mathews had in 57? to generate musical tones using a computer? its all electronic music..apple ftw needs to pop a pill and take a nap,

  3. Somewhere apple ftw is totally right and it seems like Apple is getting nice stuff to play with on i pads and I-stuff but it is starting to bore me out of synthtopia in a way too,..

    was running some comparison tests with the Korg monopoly emulation and the real one and found the VST sound to be quite pleasing and the multyFX to be a great add-on, but having a real monopoly to properly tweak and button fiddle with gave much better results in terms of static grooves and playability than configuring controllers for the VST.

    i guess I’m trying to say that innovations are really great and we all seem to look out for them and enjoy the news (to the point where its spamming boring stuff) but they will never replace a proper synth.

    Let the children play.

  4. I agree that the iPad stuff is very boring to me and I skip those poses, and some other cool stuff is getting buried under Apple posts

  5. Bye bye.

    Sorry if you missed yesterday's posts about &lt;a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/03/dowload-this-free-soft-synth-for-mac-pc/"&gt; a free soft synth for mac & pc, the latest hardware synth – the <a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/03/the-yamaha-motif-xf/&quot; target="_blank">Yamaha Motif XF, <a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/03/max-fuel-offers-max-for-live-fill-up/&quot; target="_blank">Max Fuel, a vintage <a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/02/the-wersi-bass-synthesizer-2/&quot; target="_blank">bass synthesizer, an overview of <a href="http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2010/08/02/tour-of-the-roland-lucina-ax-09-sounds/&quot; target="_blank">the newest keytar……………….

  6. Sorry if you missed the posts about the Roland Lucina, a new soft synth download, the new Yamaha synth keyboard workstation, Max Fuel, the vintage Wersi bass synth…….

    Bye bye, Apple FTW, we'll miss your contributions to the site!!!

  7. ^ but you haven't skipped this one?

    I thought the above demonstration was awesome, regardless of what it was performed on.

    I like that synthtopia posts left of field clips and clips which don't show up on other sites.

    Plus the ipad stuff is a good indication of where other multitouch interfaces will probably head towards.

    Suck it up, princesses. If you don't like the content, then don't read it. It's not like it's the only resource on the net.

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