MOTU BPM Updated To 1.5, Gets Enhanced Sound Library & Better MIDI Support

MOTU has released BPM Version 1.5, a major update of its rhythm production virtual instrument for Mac and Windows.

The updated offers an expanded sound library and enhanced MIDI controller support.

MOTU BPM retails for $295. Registered users can upgrade to version 1.5 for $79.

Here’s what’s new….

Beat Box Anthology

BPM 1.5 includes Beat Box Anthology, a comprehensive 4 GB collection of legacy rhythm sounds (over 10,000 samples) from 80 classic drum machines from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s — iconic rhythm machines from decades past that established the legendary sounds that still drive today’s beats. Users can browse individual samples, kits, and patterns from three categories of devices: classic, analog, and digital, the “classic” category being reserved for machines that attained true cult status, such as the 808 and 909 series. Samples are also organized by type (kick, snare, etc.) for easy browsing.

Utmost care was taken in sampling the original instruments, with 24-bit 96 kHz audio quality and professional mastering of all samples at Sterling Sound in NYC.

FlexLoops and musical styles

BPM 1.5 includes hundreds of new FlexLoops™, which are fully programmable kits+patterns that give users control of every loop element, from individual samples to specific FX parameters. Dozens of expanded musical styles are represented, including:

  • Big beat
  • Dancehall
  • Dirty south
  • Dub
  • Electro
  • Hard trance
  • Hip hop
  • R ‘n’ B
  • House
  • Jungle
  • Drum ‘n’ bass
  • Minimal
  • Progressive
  • Ragga
  • Trip hop
  • Vinylized

Users can combine kits and patterns from each style to quickly create unique hybrid beats. BPM 1.5 also introduces bank aux FX, which allow users to create three independent effects processing chains for a bank of sounds, apply the effect chains as desired to each individual component sound of the bank, and then save the effects with the bank. This new feature makes the effects an integral part of the bank, so that when the bank is saved with a pattern, the result is a fully programmable FlexLoop.

Enhanced MIDI controller support

As a software-only virtual instrument, BPM 1.5 has been enhanced with programmable MIDI remote control features that allow it to work seamlessly with third-party hardware controllers, including pad controllers and MIDI keyboards. BPM ships with hardware template files for several popular drum pad controller products, such as the Akai™ MPD Series. When loaded into the hardware, the template file quickly programs the controller for use with BPM.

Users can further customize their beat making experience using BPM’s new MIDI Remote preferences, a long list of BPM functions that can be attached to any MIDI controller key, switch, fader, or knob using “MIDI learn” functionality.

The new MIDI Select feature gives users direct access to each pad — up to 64 simultaneous pads per scene — for quick editing and tweaking directly from a MIDI controller. For example, if a user needs to tweak the filter cutoff on the crash cymbal, they simply play the crash cymbal pad and then twist the assigned knob to tweak the filter.

Note repeat

To repeat the currently held note, users hold down the Note Repeat button. Any note repeat value, from triplet 64ths to dotted quarters to 32x, can be chosen. The note repeat button can be used on-screen or mapped to any control item on a MIDI controller. Users can even change the repeat value on the fly from their controller. Volume (velocity) of repeated notes is controlled with aftertouch pressure.

BPM 1.5 upgrade package

The BPM 1.5 upgrade package includes:

  • BPM 1.5 installer CD
  • Updated BPM 1.5 soundbank DVDs
  • New Beat Box Anthology soundbank DVD
  • Beat Box Anthology serial number (iLok authorization code)

The Beat Box Anthology serial number is used to deposit an authorization in the user’s for download into their BPM iLok.

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