Abominatron Promo For Moogfest 2010

This Moog Music promo for Moogfest 2010 features some long-fortotten audio of Bob Moog, from 1964, introducing the first prototype modular synthesizer to pioneering synthesist Herb Deutsch.

In the 84 minute tape, Moog methodically explains the functions of the modular, and gives it a name: The Abominotron.¬†In a prophetic statement on the tape, Moog says that that others with more musicianship could get “some good things” out of the instrument.

The Abominatron II, a 6′ 7″ tower of Moog Music’s hand-crafted synthesizers and effects pedals will be featured on-stage during Moogfest 2010, a 3 day music festival featuring Massive Attack, Devo, Thievery Corporation, Big Boi, MGMT and many others.

Tickets are on sale now at www.moogfest.com.

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