Nerd Revolt – Nerds with Attitude, Not AutoTune!

Nerd Revolt celebrates the joys of Access Virus synths on their track Nerds With Attitude.

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Written, produced, and directed by Nerd Revolt.

Shot and edited by Nerd Revolt.

Makeup by the iLL.F.O.

Lyrics: the iLL.F.O. (Verses) and m.0 (Chorus)


(the iLL.F.O.)

Day and night, we hold it down in the studio
Because we’re nerds and that’s our duty, yo

Don’t bust your nut, honey– like a Cheerio
Your MIDI took a dump, and it smells real poopy…

Oh, Snap!
I got the iLL knob behavior
Gotta press “Store” ’cause even Jesus won’t save yo’

Now I pick the type of saturation
Like yo’ drawers after masturbation
‘Cause you got so hot for my configurations

Your Random’s PG-Rated
Mine’s X
Like Novation Station


(the iLL.F.O.)

Drop the fat bass
Oh yeah, you know I wants ta
That’s when I pull out my little Minimonsta

And all I need in life is my sweet Baby Virus
If you had a synth job, you know you’d want to hire us

And my other synth, she’s one that’s hella dope
She’s the one that’s known as the SkriLLascope

We’re Nerd Revolt, and we tune out the haters
We’d rather be messing with all our knobs and faders


(the iLL.F.O.)

This is no ordinary platitude
For our gear we have mad gratitude
We drop it straight up– just like latitude
‘Cause we’re nerds with attitude



(the iLL.F.O.)

Not with Auto-Tune–
I said nerds with attitude



We don’t need no Auto-Tune
‘Cause we’re nerds
‘Cause we’re nerds with attitude


I’m a nerd
You are too
‘Cause we’re nerds with attitude


20 thoughts on “Nerd Revolt – Nerds with Attitude, Not AutoTune!

  1. I do. The whole music scene needs a drastic makeover. How about a few interesting beat and chord changes for a start, and would some kind and considerate soul please swipe all the autotune H/S and burn it?!!

  2. i think the real nerds are playing classical music right now, or more higher academic electronic stuff… or building their eurorack 😛

    These people are goofy and fun tho…

  3. Would have been a lot better if they didn't use the words poopy, masterbation, or actually used auto-tune. Saying you don't need auto-tune doesn't mean anything if your still using it, even if you are trying to be ironic

  4. I simply don't think the song was that funny.

    Self-conscious /nerd/ lyrics with some mild obscenities thrown in to spice it up only go so far. The ironic use of autotune didn't help either. Even the fact that they stated that they were using the autotune in an ironic manner didn't help.

    All I heard were cliches presented in a rather bland manner, which must've been some sort of irony in itself. I'm so sick and tired of that stuff. As if it were the only acceptable or hip form of humour these days.

    I'm not saying it couldn't have sounded nice. A little more care in the sound engineering department and this could've been a pretty banging track. A little more care writing the lyrics and this could've been a great track. Then again, isn't that always the case?

    Blah. Nevermind. It's all good. People making music and all — being creative. Guess I'm just having a bad day.

  5. I personally muted the audio… It distracting me from the hot chick… Maybe someone could sync this to dark side of the moon?

  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the feedback! FYI: to the people taking this WAY too seriously and critiquing it for not being some kind of musical masterpiece…. y'all need to loosen up and realize this is for FUN! ;P

  7. I'd personally prefer it if there was a lot more power behind those vocals. They just sounded like polite talking with a bit of rhythmic consideration. Not my thing. Although I do now want a Virus tattoo pretty badly.

  8. You guys keep doing your thing. I liked it. Screw all these losers that trash talk, theyre just insecure about their own music. – Bombzix

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