Can Rob Wright Trade One Red Patch Cable For An Awesome Vintage Synth?

Could you trade a red patch cable for an awesome vintage synthesizer?

That’s the question video game sound guy Rob Wright is trying to answer with his new blog One Red Patch Cable:

In the tradition of Kyle MacDonald’s one red paper clip blog I am looking to trade up to something I couldn’t normally afford. My goal is to own a classic synthesizer such as an AKS synthi or even a Moog Modular. Along the way I hope to enjoy the other electronic goodies that lead to the mother ship.

If you’re not familiar with Kyle MacDonald’s story, he decided that he would post a picture of a red paperclip on his blog and see if he could trade it for something that was, at least to him, a little bit better. After a year of trading, he had traded up to a house.

Here’s what Wright has to say about himself:

I’ve been playing with electronic music equipment and producing tracks since 1987. Currently, I run the sound department at a successful video game developer in LA but I spend most my free time nurturing my pet project EMT (Electronic Music Technician). The EMT project’s primary focus is on mobile sound. I have put together “the rig” to facilitate this goal. The rig consists of an EMT stretcher mounted with a mixture of audio hardware and software solutions all running through an on board PA. When playing live, EMT’s main focus is on Guerilla performances.

Wright’s set out an interesting challenge for himself.

Need a red patch cable, or just want to help Wright along on his quest? Let him know at his site.

8 thoughts on “Can Rob Wright Trade One Red Patch Cable For An Awesome Vintage Synth?

  1. Well, if he had a dozen or so patch cables to offer I would gladly trade one of my used patch cables. Either black or white. You decide. 😉

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