14 thoughts on “Herbie Hancock On The Arturia Origin

  1. What an awful way to advertise your product ! He sounded totally unconvincing and even mystified by the whole thing – way to go !

  2. Herbie said that Alecia's Keys from NI sounded like a real piano, well it does not at all. Now he is doing the same stuff. Is Herbie the new Jordan Rudess ?

  3. Arturia's FAILED Virtual analog Synths are one of the reasons why most musicians now covet real analog synths instead of crappy digital re-creations.
    Obviously Arturia is paying Herbie big bucks for product endorsement.
    Herbie is a bad liar.. Arturia's virtual analog synths SUCK.

  4. The endorsement was cool… I like watching Hancock and rudess shred on synths… Reminds me that you CAN make awesome music with this gear… Regardless of how good or bad it is…

    The video was not great, and herby looked REALLY high… But whatever… I think Arturia is trying to sell a product, and endorsements (sadly) do a better job than super scientific tutorials…

    I like the arturia software… Don't really understand why anyone would buy an origin though…

  5. Hey, show some respect for the Man! He's 70 now. He might not speak as fast as one would hope, but he sure still can play.
    In the liner notes of his new album, "The Imagine Project", Herbie expresses his "deep appreciation of the Arturia Origin". I trust he knows what he's talking about.

  6. Yes – let's see Herbie play!

    Hancock's been a pioneer for 50 years now! He's still doing interesting music and the blame for this lackluster endorsement video should belong to Arturia, not Hancock.

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