Korg Monotron Synthesizer Unboxing & Demo

Saturday Synth Porn: VJ Franz K brings his stentorian tones to this Korg Monotron unboxing & demo video.

Is the Korg Monotron the synth gadget of the year?

via VJFranzK:

NEW Analog Synth in a box the size of a cassette tape! (Remember what those were? 😉 Available NOW at NoiseBug.net. Here is my unboxing, and a demonstration with a variety of other music gadgets – one of the best features is the ability to run external sounds through the (very resonant) analog filter, which is based on Korg’s classic MS-20! The sound is quite warm – it could be the perfect addition to various digital gear, and the price is unbeatable.

9 thoughts on “Korg Monotron Synthesizer Unboxing & Demo

  1. Yes, I think it IS the synth gadget of the year. 😉 At least in this price range?
    (The Operator-1 "virtual tape keyboard" might be the winner in a higher bracket.)

    I'm glad (some of!) you guys are enjoying my voice overs –
    any requests?

    There will be more Monotron material soon, filmed it last night.

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