Vermona Perfourmer Drum Synthesis

‘Vermona Perfourmer Drum Synthesis’ is the sort of headline that only a true synth freak could enjoy.

None of this ‘sexy’, ‘free’ or ‘iPad’ stuff to distract you.

And the Vermona Perfourmer – though it’s designed to be a four-voice analog synthesizer – makes some pretty wicked drum sounds:

“I thought I’d crank out 3 quick drum loops pretending the Perfourmer is a drum machine. From the Soundcloud player, grab the downloadable WAV with no rights reserved as usual.”

via cl516,

8 thoughts on “Vermona Perfourmer Drum Synthesis

  1. i would like to buy this synthesizer.
    BUT, does anyone know of a DAW that records audio with good quality.
    i'm using ABLETON LIVE 8 right now and the audio quality is very poor and sounds muddy.

  2. dam dude? why so harsh? ….guy just has a question related to his intentions of buying this things. hes obviously trying to get some advice. weirdo.

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