Charlie Visnic’s Miniature Cosmos

This music video, Charlie Visnic’s Miniature Cosmos, features music created by Stephen Ball for the Monome Community Remix Project V3.

Visnic filmed various household fluids (soap bubbles, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and rum, diet coke, etc) with a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens:

Last night I finally put my macro lens to good use. A very long time ago I purchased a small chemistry set so I could experiment with fluids under a macro lens. I have always been inspired by the visual effects in the film “The Fountain”. There’s a sequence in that film with Hugh Jackman inside a bubble rising up through a golden cosmos. Most of that cosmos was actually filmed in petrie dish in a barn in England. The photographer is Peter Parks and his son, Chris Parks, now carries on the tradition for both film and television as well as personal art.

I’m hoping to experiment quite a bit with different combinations of things. I’m looking forward to gutter water or algae laden stream water where perhaps there are little creatures swimming around in it. Last night I filmed some basic household fluids. When you watch the video below you will see (in order of appearance) Frothy soap bubbles, balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil and rum, diet coke and finally dishwashing soap.

I filmed everything using a camera stand with the lens peering directly into a petrie dish. Below that was the lightbox which lit everything up. The music in the video below is by a monome user named Stephen Ball. He created the song for the Monome Community Remix Project V3. It’s really the perfect track for this montage.

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