Vince Clarke’s Analogue Monologues

Synth pop legend Vince Clark (Yazoo, Erasure, Depeche Mode) has announced a new series, Analogue Monologues, which offers his take on classic synths:

The Analogue Monologues is a new series of mini video documentaries. In each webisode Vince talks about one his analogue synths and explains where the on/off switch is. This series proves, once and for all, that he really doesn’t know much about anything (a must see!).

The first episode takes a look at a classic monosynth, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

16 thoughts on “Vince Clarke’s Analogue Monologues

  1. I'm very sure you understand that Ableton Live 8 won't going to be better because of your comments, and you are actually having fun rather than being pissed off with Live 8.

  2. if you are the alex i think you are,then i'll give you respect. theres a few guys from over there i respect.

    in response, look at the forum over there.
    its turn into a ZOO.
    nothing but bitching,complaining,etc.
    because it reflects their product.
    go over to REAPER, look at the POSITIVITY over there.
    because they put out a good product.

    where's UKRUSS?
    why did SUBFUNK leave?
    on and on….everyone is leaving because LIVE is failing…sorry.

  3. "look at the forum over there.
    its turn into a ZOO.
    nothing but bitching,complaining,etc.

    "why did SUBFUNK leave?
    on and on….everyone is leaving because…"

    …YOU have PISSED THEM OFF with your INCESSANT WHINING, that's why. Now please SOD OFF and get a LIFE, preferably one away from computers.

  4. Meanwhile, back on topic – love that crazy Brit with his self-deprecating British sense of humor and weird way of spelling 'analog' and 'monolog'. And the Pro One is pretty neato, too.

  5. don't pay attention to cperezzz… he's kind of an asshole and hijacks every post on some strange vendetta against Ableton… posts under multiple names when he doesn't have anyone to talk to (and actually talks to himself).

    People have tried to help him and even offer friendly studio advice… he never takes it and instead just trolls on forums looking for a fight…

    Many people have left quite a few forums due to his annoying bullshit. I feel bad for the newbs who come to these sites seeking knowledge and find Cperezzz talking out of his ass… I'd guess his misinformation has actually screwed up purchasing decisions for a number of beginner musicians…. a damn shame.

  6. OK, brief history lesson. About 500 years before the USA even existed there was a language called 'English' spoken in a country called 'England'. Now the 'English' language was invented by the…yes you guessed it, the 'English".

    So the way the English spell words is the correct way, if the English spell it analogue, then thats the correct way of spelling, its the US spelling that is weird.

    By the way i'm not English.

  7. The words are streamlined, yes, but they dont make 'more' sense, the meaning hasnt changed, they make the same sense.

    Americans speak and write American English. Vince Clarke is from England, so the way he spells Analogue and Monologue is correct for where he's from, thats just a fact and its not weird, its not like he just made up the spelling because he didn't like the old one. Oooopps, isnt that what the Americans did?

  8. Ableton ain't an analogue synth, perhaps you've missed the point….although the comments seem to be from people who have no idea what a VCO is, BIG SIGH…..

    Has no-one else noticed how stunning the Pro-One sounds compared to ALL modern VA synths ?

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