Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony

This video offers musical excerpts from Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony –  an electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip.

Though housed in a CD jewel case, 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording in the traditional sense; it “performs” its music live when turned on. A complete electronic circuit—programmed by the artist and assembled by hand—plays the music through a headphone jack mounted into the case itself.

1-Bit Symphony is now available from Cantaloupe Music.

5 thoughts on “Tristan Perich’s 1-Bit Symphony

  1. OH MAN !!!! This is the FUTURE !!!

    I have GOT to have this, this will change the face of music forever
    and for the generous price of $29.00, it's a steal !!!
    The tones, the textures, the arrangement, the quality…it's all there !!

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