7 thoughts on “Ableton Live Tutorial – How To Use Sidechaining

  1. I never liked the sidechaining compression in Live. My only effects that is decent is EQ8.
    I hope in version Live 9, they improve on their effects. Especially REVERB. I have to use 3rd party plugins for effects (that's if they don't crash in Live).

  2. i just tried this but i get the(not responding) message on the Live 8 box.

    i think i’ll stick with ACID PRO to do my sidechaining technique.

  3. I don't like this tutorial. Anyone can figure out on how to use sidechaining like this, but why not dive into the reasoning behind it as to why or why not to use a compressor ?

    He makes it sound all too easy and pushes the thing forward as a good tool to get several beats 'working together'. Yes, it is. But in many cases there are /much/ better options available. What he fails to mention is that overuse of compressors can (and most likely *will*) put a strain on it if you ever take your stuff to a sound engineer to master it.

    If you have a steady beat and you have something which you want to 'push in' what is stopping you from simply editing envelope settings (talking within the context of session view) to create the required space in the set?

    THAT way you'll even leave options open for enhancements here and there if your mix would require as such. IMHO the usage of a compressor shouldn't be something to portrait as a "common thing to do".

    In many cases it is, but in just as many it isn't.

  4. I enjoyed the tutorial very much and appreciated how straight forward and clear it was. It was not promoting side chaining as the answer to everything, just showing a clean demo of how to make it work in Ableton – Great job!!

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