Control Synthesizers….With Your Mind!

Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo singer/producer) demonstrates using the Teletron, a modified Mattel MindFlex toy that uses EEG sensors, to control a Radio Shack Moog MG-1 analog synthesizer with mind bullets.

For more mind-powered synthesis action, see our previous posts on brain music.

More below.

via SonicState

6 thoughts on “Control Synthesizers….With Your Mind!

  1. [x] Basement
    [x] Dim lighting
    [x] Beard
    [x] Glasses
    [x] Synthesizer
    [x] Electronics hacking
    [x] Mind control
    [ ] Aliens
    [ ] Government cover-up


  2. BT was one of many electronica artists in the late 90's that was doing this. the company that makes the brain sensor to midi is IBVD. there have been HID devices for computers including typing interface for paraplegic. hospitals used brainwave video games to teach young patients how to control the level of brain activity above a preferable threshold. the cia uses brainwave sensors as part of a comprehensive sensor array in the cia lie detector test. this is nothing new. you are all easily amused. the most shocking thing in this video is the statement that realistic made a good synth, or anything good at all.

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