Native Instruments Intros Five New Instruments & Effects

Native Instruments has released five products that extend its KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range.

The new products include:

  • the modal synthesizer REAKTOR PRISM;
  • the studio reverb REFLEKTOR;
  • the organ emulation VINTAGE ORGANS;
  • the effect suite TRAKTOR’S 12; and
  • the amp emulation RAMMFIRE.

All products are based on the powerful technology of KONTAKT, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG, and can be used both within the full versions and the free player versions of these instruments.

Details below.

The unique REAKTOR PRISM synthesizer was designed by NI synthesis mastermind Stephan Schmitt, and utilizes the new modal synthesis capabilities of the latest REAKTOR 5.5 generation. It generates highly expressive tones and textures that range from powerful basses and leads to deep, organic soundscapes and intricate physical-modelling sounds.

REFLEKTOR is a high-performance reverb processor for use within GUITAR RIG 4 and the new GUITAR RIG 4 PLAYER. Based on Native Instruments’ patent-pending Zero Latency Convolution, it combines the quality of impulse response technology with the efficiency and flexibility of algorithmic reverbs to generate both extremely realistic room ambiences and creative, highly original reverberation effects.

The new VINTAGE ORGANS instrument provides the charismatic electromagnetic organ sound of the 60s and 70s. Based on meticulous sampling in combination with the advanced KONTAKT engine, it recreates three iconic tonewheel organs and two distinctive transistor-based models complete with their authentic sound shaping and effect facilities.

The performance effects suite TRAKTOR’S 12 is derived from Native Instruments’ leading DJ software, and makes the acclaimed effects arsenal of TRAKTOR PRO available for use as a plug-in in any DAW or music sequencer. All twelve effects, including unique algorithms like the “Mulholland Drive”, “Reverse Grain” and “Beat Masher”, are optimized for intuitive and expressive real-time sound manipulation.

The new RAMMFIRE amp emulation was developed in close collaboration with one of Rammstein’s guitarists, Richard Z. Kruspe, and models the original recording chain that is behind the band’s trademark guitar sound. It can be used both as an expansion to the amplifier arsenal in GUITAR RIG 4 and as an individual product in combination with the free GUITAR RIG 4 PLAYER.

The five new KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects are now available for individual download purchase in the NI Online Shop, and are also included in the new KOMPLETE 7 bundle.


  • RAMMFIRE $59 / 49 EUR
  • REAKTOR PRISM $79 / 69 EUR
  • REFLEKTOR $119 / 99 EUR
  • TRAKTOR’S 12 $79 / 69 EUR
  • VINTAGE ORGANS $119 / 99 EUR

3 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Five New Instruments & Effects

  1. So here I am wondering… A lot of people use the NI setup as vst in their own DAW. Yet; the host will always be responsible for processing the audio stream.

    Can a vst surpass the sound capabilities of its host ?

    I wonder..

  2. Update: Rammfire & Traktors 12 are awesome expansions.

    I grabbed them while I only have the free players at my disposal but its a very welcome expansion indeed. Good sound, easy to use and although the (player) infrastructure is free the controls leave more than enough room for some tweaking.

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