Native Instruments Reaktor Prism

Native Instruments Reaktor Prism is a polyphonic instrument for Reaktor 5, based on physical modeling synthesis.

Prism produces a sound that can be dramatically modified via internal or external sources. The result is a wide-ranging synth, equally powerful for hard basses and digital leads as organic soundscapes, percussive keys, flutes and bells.

Reaktor Prism is available now for $79.

If you’ve used Native Instruments Reaktor Prism, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via NativeInstruments:

This introduction provides an overlook of this new Reaktor instrument. It also gives a short glimpse into the basic principles of modal synthesis, its underlying structure.

6 thoughts on “Native Instruments Reaktor Prism

  1. Agreed. Actually; compared to Ableton this does seem like a bargain. Operator (personally I'd aim for Collision instead; Live's physical modeling generator) both go for approx. $159,-.

    When it comes to this I always wonder if its actually meant as instrument, or as something to build your own instruments on.

  2. Well, the first time I played with it.. meh. I got it as part of my Komplete 7 upgrade (which is kind of a rip, but thats for another thread). So, I started to write a post to that effect until I realized that I should give it a fair shot. I think I used it before when I was looking for something specific and didn't find it. So, this time just playing for fun, the presets were great. Of course, it does have those annoying out of tune presets that so many "sophisticated" synths have now that I hate and no one will ever use, not even a sound designer, because they will record an actual broken piano instead of a fake one… Moving on… I didn't program anything or touch any knobs. I just played the presets and some were quite addictive. I was planning to just run through them but I ended up jamming on a few. The string pluck effect is probably most realistic one along with maybe the bell type sounds. The piano/tine/hammer hit kind of sounds are much more synthetic. As a a sound design tool Prism is not as good as Sculpture (Logic built-in plug with same technology) and it is above Ableton's Corpus(?) effect and Collision(?) instrument. I will say this one is my favorite for electronica. It can get some cool sounds that have an organic synthesis type of sound. If you are looking to recreate hitting a drum or plucking a string, I would say just do the real thing or use Sculpture. Of course, I haven't programmed it or used the modules to build my own synth yet. So, maybe the preset designers just didn't do it justice. I give it a 3.5/5 .. the -1 is for hyping it and acting like its a new technology when it isn't and the other .5 is for the annoying presets and the ones that almost punctured my ear drums and/or my speaker cones — watch out! don't hit above C4 or below C1 without caution!! (on some of them) If you realize that the reasons I took off points don't affect your decision – I say BUY IT, or just get Komplete 7 .. NI + Me = Love/Hate , but I tried to be realistic in this review. Hope that helps.. I will probably do a real review on my YouTube channel soon —
    ( )

  3. This is by for the best VST synth I’ve ever used. I have many other generic synths and I always end up using Prism the most when it comes to arps, plucks, melodies, atmospheric vibes. I highly recommend it to anyone. It so unique, giving you the electronic sounds, yet organic and very sophisticated with endless possibilities.

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