8 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre On The Advantages Of Software Synths

  1. well if the guy that is not known for using them says so… it must be true

    sell all your hardware now while its still worth something

    i'll take all jupiter 4, 6, 8s, sh2, 5, 7 and 9s. any and all bulky modular gear. elka synthexs, any synton synth. they're basically fire hazards now.. i'm doing you a favor.

  2. Jarre has always explored the technology available at the time so it does not surprise if he uses softsynths. He was recently extolling the virtues of analog though in his recent tours.

  3. My first reaction was the same – didn't he just tour with an all-analog setup?

    He's right, though, you need to look at the advantages of both types of technology.

  4. Well, obviously this is more of a Arturia promo then a serious comment on soft synths, so his words should be taken a bit within that context. Still, it is true that he's looking into those; there were also stories about him checking up on Ableton Live going around, for whatever it's worth.

    Fact of the matter is that soft synths are getting more and more powerful.

    As to the issue of "but he's using all this massive analog hardware", yeah wel duh 😉 People pay to get a show, so what would have a better show aspect; someone playing a very recognizable expensive piece of hardware or someone playing a midi keyboard using a laptop ?

    I don't think that it is a fair argument as to why Jarre couldn't be serious about his positive attitude towards softsynths.

  5. Of course, it's a pointless argument. It's very difficult in most cases to tell analog from VA from softsynth in the context of a full mix.

    And of course, it's the music you make with the machines that counts. We've all heard dull records made with tons of cool gear, and amazing records that use very few resources (Springsteen's "Nebraska", hello).

    But just for the sake of argument… Much as I love and use softsynths, they are just not the same as the real deal. I wouldn't travel with an ARP 2600 either, that doesn't mean a laptop and a softsynth will substitute it.

  6. The problem is not the type of the technology, the problem is that he and all of the other artists in these Arturia video series lie about the authentic sound of these soft synths…Specifically, Arp 2600V has nothing to do with the hardware Arp 2600 sound…I would respect his opinion more if he was talking about Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600…but it seems that he was offered some free origins…

  7. Hum, sounds like you may have received a free TimeWARP!
    Seriously though, Arturia's stuff sounds great, and has it's place in the studio-without going into the whols A/D debate. Plus I think pretty much every software they've released has earned some kind of award, too. JMJ probably uses both, and if it's good enough for him…

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