The Roland FP-7F Digital Piano

Roland U.S. has introduced the FP-7F Digital Piano, the latest addition to its FP series piano lineup.

The new FP-7F adds four new features:

  • Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine;
  • an all-new PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement;
  • a vocal mic input with companion Harmony effects; and
  • an onboard looper.

The FP-7F is expected to ship in November with an MSRP of $2,199.00 for the black finish, and $2,299.00 for the white finish. The Roland FP-7F Digital Piano

Previously available only in their top-line digital pianos, the new FP-7F now includes Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano engine.

The FP-7F also features Roland’s newly developed PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement. Additionally, every key is constructed of a special material that provides excellent moisture absorbency, with the white keys replicating the unique appearance and comfortable feel of real ivory keys.

For sing-along fun, the FP-7F provides a built-in microphone input, and the onboard Harmony engine lets users add duet, trio, and quartet harmonies to their own voice with effects derived from the BOSS VE-20 Vocal Processor. To create the harmony voices, the Harmony engine automatically detects the chords the user plays on the keyboard in real time.

Also onboard the FP-7F is a looper that lets a player record and play back their performance as a continuous audio loop. This is great for creating play-along backing, and unlimited overdubs can be added as well. Users can record the sounds of the FP-7F itself (including rhythm patterns from its large built-in library) and from a connected vocal microphone. In addition, loops can be saved as WAV files to USB flash media and used with the FP-7F’s USB Audio Key playback feature.

The FP-7F is available in black (FP-7F-BK) or white (FP-7F-WH) finishes, and comes standard with a DP-10 Damper Pedal. Options include the matching KSC-44 stand and the RPU-3 Triple Pedal Unit. The RPU-3 offers a true grand piano playing experience with three foot pedals, as well as advanced control of the FP-7F’s Harmony and Looper features.

4 thoughts on “The Roland FP-7F Digital Piano

  1. My comment isn't really worth much: I'm not a piano player, it's the earlier FP-7 I own and the only thing I have for comparison in the piano department is the upright Bechstein that sits in the parental home.
    But I will say this: it's one of the joys of my life to simply switch the thing on and play this lovely big seven octave keyboard on the initial sound that comes out of it.
    The earlier FP-7 does other stuff too: other sounds, a 'session partner' auto-accompaniment thing and there's a USB audio key that allegedly does something the guy in the shop told me was great. But really that's not the point of something like this. The point is planning-free, nice-sounding musical notes.

  2. Did Roland go completely OTT with processing or is the voice of the woman commentating this synthesized? Because she sounds like a text-to-speech engine..

  3. Yep thats what I thought, sounds like its vocaloid. This is not a real person, but made by japanese marketing. Most impressive thing of this video !

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