Awesome DIY Controller For Gforce impOSCar 2

Tired of mousing around? Long for the days of knob-filled synths?

Then check out this awesome DIY project, by Mario Jurisch: a custom hardware controller forĀ Gforce impOSCar 2.

The controller looks and feels like a real hardware synth – like a modern OSCar, with the features of the new impOSCar 2 Software from GForce added.

What soft synth would you like to have a custom hardware controller for?

via SynthProject

13 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Controller For Gforce impOSCar 2

  1. I would love to be able to control U-he ACE via some sort of hardware controller. I don't care about the patch cables so much, but if I could easily control all the knobs I'd be very happy. Right now I can only control about 24 parameters via hardware. I might pick up a Behringer BCR2000 or something like that, no DIY plans at the moment.

  2. I'd like a tb303 controller for all 30 of my 303 soft synths.
    One that looks and feels just like my real 303.

    No really … I would.

  3. I would love it if novation released a variant of their Remote line of controllers that is made for softsynths. Just the same type of controller, but it's laid out with basic VCO, LFO, EG, VCA sections, plus 4 or more knobs for custom options. The Remote SL i have is nice, but it's never quite enough for easy softsynth editing. Not like on my hardsynths.

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