Armin Van Buuren Explains His Production Process

Armin Van Buuren explains the origin of his track Feels So Good, from his new album Mirage, and shaes his thought processes in taking it from a jam session to a final track.

via arminvanbuuren:

Sometimes, less is more. According to Armin, his track ‘Feels So Good’, taken from his upcoming fourth artist album ‘Mirage’, is the perfect example of that. Curious how this saying relates to ‘Feels So Good’? You’ll find your answer, plus a whole lot more production secrets about this summer sounding collab with vocalist Nadia Ali, in another special studio sessions with Armin!

In the previous editions Armin told you what kind of role his brother played during the production of ‘Mirage’ and that ‘Virtual Friend’ was inspired by an article in a British newspaper. In this edition he explains how the Nervo Sisters are involved in ‘Feels So Good’ and why this track sounds so different from the other ‘Mirage’ tracks. Join Armin in his studio once again!

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  1. definitely its a good approach in production, really its not about so much hey more sound more this and that its keeping the sounds as you started simple and working your way up to make it refine and polish.

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