How To Use FL Studio – Tips From Image-Line

Want to learn more about how to use FL Studio?

Image Line has put together a fairly massive series, FL Studio Guru, embedded above, that offers tips on a wide range of topics in FL Studio. There are 40+ videos in the embedded video playlist.

Another good resource for tips is Image Lines’s Guru blog at their site.

19 thoughts on “How To Use FL Studio – Tips From Image-Line

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  2. Not this BS again…

    What part of this tutorial has anything to do with whether FL Studio is 64-bit native or not? It's hardly a deciding factor of whether FL Studio is a good suite for making music.

    You're the definition of a troll – someone on their own crusade at the expense of others. I for one don't want to read this crap every time an FL Studio article gets posted. If you want to make some point to IL then assuming you're their customer send their product team an email telling them you're taking your money elsewhere and do it. The rest of us might be interested to hear your disgruntlement occasionally in an appropriate forum, but not relentlessly wherever you can manage to air it.

    I thought this video was pretty good, FL Studio obviously has some decent noise reduction capabilities.

  3. Alastair, it's people like you that think they can determine what is applicable or not, depending on your perspective only. So do us all a favor and express your opinion, but stop telling people what theirs should be.

    It's very clear that FL Studio is a 32 bit application and there are 0 plans and coding ability to convert to 64 bit (1/3 of their core code is 3rd party).

    So with that said… let the naive buying community know the facts. let them know that their life time free updates might not have exactly the life time they were expecting.

    It's called honesty, try it sometime.

  4. Image-Line have a 64 bit migration plan and are on track according to the official forums. I don't see any problem here. It's been discussed to death on KVR.

  5. It's Ex3/Peaches who was kicked out of the FL Studio forums and KVR under multiple names. He is some sort of obsessed hater. He also has no clue.

  6. Here I'm using FL in a 64bit OS. I can use any 64bit plugin I wish. I have no memory limitations. Any moron knows that there is no need for the core app to be native 64bit, except this very special brand of moron right here.

    The Guru is a truly excellent set of vids by the way, always useful and informative.

  7. I must say that I really like the FL Guru series. Scott is one of the most helpful people there on staff along with the others. Ex3, it's time to stop hating on things you could rather not care about, grow up, and get a life (and I mean your own life, not somebody else's).

  8. Enjoy your 32 bit applications while you can. As your life time free updates shrinks and your total funds spent increases. This will only make you a bigger and stronger fanboy. So you can fly the Image-Line flag high and proud, while we are all enjoying 64 bit and 128 bit in the future.

    What you actually thought technology stopped at 64 bit? LOL

  9. Just to offset this goon's FUD, I'm running Win7 64, I have 8gb of ram, and FL Studio runs just fine with Asio4All and a presonus firepod. I've also had nothing but success with 64 bit VSTs and some crazy huge kontakt libraries.

    Now you want to talk about total funds spent, talk to a cubase or pro tools user about their upgrade process.

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