Synthmaker Tutorial Shows How To Make A 2 Oscillator Synth

Image Line SynthMaker is an audio programming tool for Windows that lets you create your own sounds, virtual instruments and effects, without having to write any code. The instruments and effects you create can then be used for playing live via MIDI or as VST plugins.

Image Line put together this Synthmaker tutorial that looks at how to make a 2 oscillator synth.

5 thoughts on “Synthmaker Tutorial Shows How To Make A 2 Oscillator Synth

  1. FWIW: Image-Line have a 64 bit migration plan and are on track according to the official forums. I don't see any problem here. It's been discussed to death on KVR.

  2. the delphi programming language doesn't support 64 bit. even if it does in the future they have already commited to not converting millions of lines of code that would take years. plus a 1/3rd of their code is third party.

    they buy out or license other peoples code because they are unable to do it themselves. then they release a native version after ripping it. multiband compressor code, shortly after maximus, they have license zplanes pitch adjuster code, shortly after their inhouse coder is working on a pitch adjuster… see a pattern?

    plus the biggie… their main coder doesn't know c++, so you can see where this is headed…

  3. There is no need whatsoever for the core app to be 32bit until 32bit becomes obsolete, which is many many years away yet. FL can run 64bit plugins, has no memory limitations for audio and runs perfectly on the (about 5%) of PCs that actually have 64bit architecture. There is only one person that hasn't been capable of understanding yet that 64bit FL is not remotely necessary for anyone. That someone clearly doesn't ever make music on any DAW, since he's too busy being angry, but if he did he might understand a bit better.


  4. Ex3, do you have anything further to do than post your unmitigated clap trap here? Have you no life? 22 weeks later, and here you are at the same game. It's sad and a pity.

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