$2.99 Matrix Synth For iOS, SoundGrid

SoundGrid (App Store link) is an advanced matrix synthesizer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that was inspired by the Yamaha Tenori-on and ToneMatrix.

SoundGrid lets you compose music visually and share your work with others. You can also record tracks and live performances to audio file, upload it directly to SoundCloud or export to a computer. While SoundGrid is designed to be easy to use, it also includes many features for advanced users.

Check out SoundGrid’s features below, along with audio demos.

If you’ve used SoundGrid, leave a comment with your thoughts!


  • Various instruments with high-quality stereo sounds
    • Download and install additional Instruments right from the app for FREE (no additional in-app purchases)
    • Web Console to create instruments with your own samples
  • Up to 8 layers each playing from any Sound Bank with up to 8 patterns per layer with different melodies
    • – Song mode to automatically play one pattern after another
    • – Live Play mode made specially for live performances
    • – Draw mode to play sounds as you multi-touch or draw over the screen
  • Real-time sound effects: Amp Envelope, Delay and Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass/Notch resonant filter
  • Share your compositions with other users, browse, download and rate their creations
  • Recording to audio file
    • Directly upload to SoundCloud, send via email or download using Web Console
    • Export in WAV, AAC and ringtone formats
  • Adjustable project tempo, adjustable looping range for each pattern, pattern randomization, switchable musical scales, patterns copy/paste
  • Save and load multiple projects with graphical previews

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