18 thoughts on “Which Would You Rather Do Sound Design On?

  1. Good point – but I'll be interested to see if others agree.

    I'd like to see a touchscreen interface for a few of my synths….

  2. Dedicated sliders and knobs for everything is the way to go – but a touchscreen would sure be nice to use with a lot of the synths from the 80s.

  3. The knobs on the deMoon really aren't all that little, but to have all the options onscreen at once, would be ideal. however, even with this app, they're not. In the demo, the user still has to jump from screen to screen. But, as was said before, tactility is king, so for me, knobs beat wiping my sticky fingers off on a screen.

  4. In this case touchscreen, in many other cases THE KNOBS! I'm craving for more knobs! I just bought an used X-Station just to get moar knobs, which I so profoundly love.

  5. two old technologies doesn't help me much.

    i want the analog blue box with pots … but i want it to have wi-fi and send 10100010100101001010's to my DAW … and then let me take my iPad and edit all the knob turning I did with the blue box … and then play back the analog (and play it back via the bluebox … I don't care if the knobs are mechanical on playback … but encoders would be nice so i could redo changes) ///

    if these devices can do that … i might think about gettin 'em

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