Why Is Tiesto Smiling? Could It Be His $250,000 Paycheck – For One Night?

Why is Tiesto so happy?

Here’s one reason – his one-night paycheck, which was noted in a lawsuit over a concert that was cancelled by the City of Las Angeles.

According to an LA Weekly report:

Tiesto, by the way, was guaranteed $250,000 for his appearance, according to court papers.

The promoter’s profit was projected to be $436,250 with productions costs of $668,750. Tickets were slated to go on sale this week.

Nice work if you can get it……

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23 thoughts on “Why Is Tiesto Smiling? Could It Be His $250,000 Paycheck – For One Night?

  1. His payment isn't the real injustice here, it's the pityful money that Trance producers make from the sale of their records. They are the ones with the talent making trance (or any genre) in their bedrooms in their freetime, yet the guy that plays the records can get $250,000 per night! These DJs are nothing without the music they play.

  2. i tried that about 5 years ago.. didnt quite work out

    you have to be built for mediocrity it seems, to be a paragon of the lowest-common denominator

  3. That's probably his fee before expenses, which when you think about concert sound systems, light shows, etc, are probably very expensive.

    It's more fun to grip about how much he makes, though.

  4. He's probably got enough in the bank to have his own system and crew for whenever he plays live. Even still, he probably pockets over 100k a night.

  5. yeh sorry i missed that – ive been having some ridiculous arguments recently and the blindness to reality must have rubbed off on me

  6. uumm yes he has!, you wouldnt no a good track if it hit u in the face! kaleidiscope is doing awesome !hes wonderful successful DJ!:)

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