Klaus Schulze Music Video – Live (1977)

This video of Klaus Schulze, from 1977, features a live performance of For Barry Graves.

The video has been re-edited for better image quality and sound remastered “for better clarity and stereo imaging.”

This video is interesting because it captures Schulze at his early peak, when he was helping to define the Berlin School sound.

5 thoughts on “Klaus Schulze Music Video – Live (1977)

  1. I noticed a reel-to-reel in the background…he may have been 'cheating' a little bit. No worries…still a great job for the time period. I'm more interested in the Minimoog solo at 4:40. Those mod wheels are not the standard issue…custom made? They are smooth…never seen that before.

  2. Its highly doubtful… tangerine dream was known for using tape loops as part of their sound, usually heavily manipulated with all kinds of outboard effects and analog processing

    much the same as people using loops in a live format today.. which isnt quite 'cheating' either unless you define it in that particular way

  3. I'm not seeing anything that he couldn't have been playing live.

    Schulze has a step sequence running through a delay to get the echoed ostinato effect. He's modulating the starting pitch of the sequence with his middle keyboard. He's using the lower keyboards for sustained polyphonic string synth sounds and the upper keyboards for monophonic soloing and sound effects.

    Looks like he's using the reel-to-reel to record the performance. : )

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