New Supersonic Fairlight MK II Refill

Bitley has introduced a new Reason ReFill, Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII, that captures the classic sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer.


  • About 2,000 sound patches;
  • 1,000+ NNXT patches;
  • 450+ Combinator patches;
  • New Signature patches, Subtractors, Malströms and Thors; and
  • Over 150 ReDrum drum kits.

The giant Fairlight sound library is available now for $149 from the Bitley site.

Here’s what they have to say about the Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII ReFill:

First projected as “Bitley Supersonic”, the all-new Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII refill (Reason sound bank) marks our biggest release to date.

The new refill contains all the data from all the previous refills. It’s all here. Fairlight CMI Legacy, Fairlight CMI Supremacy 1.4, The Prophet, Orlando JX10, DaBeat – as well as a good portion of supplementary material.

The ReFill is compatible with both Reason 4 and Reason 5.

5 thoughts on “New Supersonic Fairlight MK II Refill

  1. I've been using and promoting Patrick's ReFills since he released the original Fairlight library and the Mk.II library is just immense, both in sound quality and quantity. 100% highly recommended!!

  2. Bitley's refills are AMAZING! I can't get enough of them. Seriously, I almost never buy refills but his sounds are out of this world. Sorry, I'm a total fanboy.

  3. Awesome refill, bought it purely for the fairlight upgrade patches, but found the D50 patches equally awesome for retro goodness (they sound great on house stuff by the way)

  4. Too bad there are so many sampler formats out there that you just can't have them all. I wonder whether I could load the samples into Kontakt or Ableton Sampler or EXS24. Or how about a Fairlight plugin that gives you some of the user interface of the original including Page R for retro sequencing goodness?

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