Free Music Friday – Mark Mosher’s Dark Signals

Denver synthesist Mark Mosher got into the spirit of Free Music Friday today and shared this track, Dark Signals, from his album I Hear Your Signals.

He’s created a music video to go with it that’s full-on all the way double synth porn, ranging from Tenori On to Percussa Audiocubes to the Moog Etherwave theremin. Yum!

Here’s how Mosher describes his new album:

An electronic/experimental album with 8 original songs composed and produced in the digital realm using state-of-the-art virtual instruments. The album was composed an arranged for live performance and was created using keyboards, matrix controllers, the exotic Theremin, and unique visual and tangible controllers such as the Tenori-On and Percussa AudioCubes.

You can download Mark’s tracks at his bandcamp page, where you can name your price. Enter $0 to get the song, or Mosher’s new album, for free. If you like what you hear, consider ordering Mosher’s new album as a CD, too!

via newechoproductions:

“Dark Signals” is a song from my album I Hear Your Signals. This video is in HD and I captured the audio full fidelity right from my sound card in real-time and made note edits. It’s one of my favorite songs off the album and is becoming a crowd favorite at live shows. A dark original electronica song with driving big beats, bit-crushed high-hats, a dash of ambient texture, and tasty distorted synth leads. Checkout the rippin’ synth solo at the 1:42 mark performed live from a Tenori-On matrix controller sending notes to a virtual synth running in Ableton Live. The Moog Etherwave Theremin signal is being converted from analog back to digital and is driving virtual synths as well.

You can buy the album name your prices ($0 for Free) over at

Mark Mosher

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