18 thoughts on “Rana Sobhany On iPad DJing

  1. Pretty uninteresting as a "musical performance" If she has been "playing music most of (her) life" I'm not sure why she is equating what she's doing to actual musicianship. She should know better.

  2. Yeah, they should have had someone who actually is doing something besides just screwing around with pre-matched trance loops in a program that does 90% of the work for you. Hell, they could have gotten someone like deadmau5 (not a fan of his though), even he does more with the touch surfaces like the ipad than this "Rana Sobhany" woman. Perhaps if she was running different programs on the ipad and linking them up with Traktor or Live it would have been more impressive. Touch OSC should have been shown off, not Looptastic.

  3. You are definitely kidding!!

    She is the same woman on a previous post about "the 1st ipad dj" … a seller who obviously has no knowlegde in music and djing!!

  4. I'm sorry, I tried to be objective, but that was one of the worst "DJ" performances I've heard in a long time. This video is proof that while the machine can now beat match for you, DJing is still a craft that needs to be honed.

  5. Wow that must be so difficult!!! See the concentration on her face as she 'creates' a really interestig and skillfull set !!! Whi is fooled by this rubbish !??
    Get a blond with an american accent and some leather and people swoon. Really give me a break.

  6. actually Synthtopia what are you doing putting this sort of shit on your site. I come here for interesting and innovative music and new ideas. !!

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