Reactable mobile for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Hotness!

Saturday Synth Porn: Reactable has introduced Reactable mobile for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a $9.99 iOS music system based on the pioneering, muy sexy, Reactable tangible music sequencer.


Reactable mobile fuses concepts of modular synthesis, sampling, digital audio effects, DJing, and combines them with modern human computer interaction and multi-touch technology.

Details below. Check it out and let me know what you think about Reactable mobile!

Based on the very same audio and graphics engine as the Reactable, the mobile version brings a complete range of objects to multi-touch devices:

  • A set of generator objects:
    • loop players, with possibility to upload your own loops,
    • synthesizers, with a large range of instruments to select from,
    • oscillators, to synthesise pure and complex tones,
    • input, to get audio directly from the device’s microphone.
  • A set of effects to modify generated sounds:
    • wave shapers: distortion, compression, and resampling,
    • delays: reverb, feedback, and ping-pong,
    • modulators: ring modulation, chorus, and flanger,
    • filters: low pass, high pass, and band pass.
  • A set of controller objects to modify other objects parameters:
    • sequencers, with step-by-step, matrix, or random modes,
    • low frequency oscillators (LFO), with different waveforms,
    • accelerometer, to fetch data from the movement of the device.
  • A set of global objects to modify the settings of the entire table:
    • tempo, to change the speed of the table,
    • volume, to lower or increase the loudness,
    • tonalizer, to change the harmony of the melody.

Below, Le Freak Selector performs ‘Verde’ with the Reactable mobile on iPad.

Note: as this application uses both graphic and audio resources extensively, recent devices will provide the best user experience.

via marcosalonso:

Music: Carles López
Video: Marc Morera

13 thoughts on “Reactable mobile for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Hotness!

  1. hello, disapointed, it doesn't work with my new ipod touch, just shows a part of the screen and modules, and it's impossible to change it!
    please an update for!
    has anyone the same problem?
    christophe from belgium

  2. It works on my 2nd gen ipod touch running iOS4.1 but is decidedly sluggish and can't run very many modules at once. Too much processor power being soaked up by pointless graphic flourishes. And it runs the battery down very quickly. To be fair, they do warn that it requires a recent model to run well. OTOH they didn't warn how cheesy the extensive range of samples is. And… you are restricted to the number of modules on the tool bar – you can't have, for instance, two delays operating at once. WTF?

    For usefulness, Jasuto Pro, while not entirely comparable and slightly less polished (for instance, file management requires ftp-ing into the ipod) – it's more about building a modular synth before the performance rather than on the fly – beats it hands down. And there's a free version so you can try before you buy.

  3. Hi,
    Disapointed too… There is a limited number of objects like just two oscillators ! Jasuto is better and so much powerfull with its motion recording and osc objects…

  4. Pinch the interface to resize it. Haven't tried this on an iPod touch, but it works fine on an iPhone 4.

    Gorgeous interface, but many will be frustrated by the tiny loop library.

  5. Yeah, the limitations are annoying and so the price should probably be more like $4.99. It also has choppy audio sometimes on my iPad when pushing the processor too hard. I also have Jasuto, and this is much easier to understand for me. It's a lot of fun to play with, for sure!

  6. i just bought this for my Ipod…….how do you get the dot to pulse for sound……nothing is happening just a dot in the middle of the screen and i can't find any help on any website or any manual explaining how to even start this……….very rediculous. HEEEELLLLLPPPP me get this thing going……i don't understand why the dot is not pulsing.

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