iSequence For iPad v2.0

iPad Music Software: Developer BleepStreet has updated iSequence for iPad (App Store link) to version 2.0. iSequence is a $14.99 music creation studio for the iPad.

Details on iSequencer for iPad 2.0 below. 


  • Instruments
    • Use one of 160 built-in instruments: a collection of acoustic instruments, drum kits, pads, leads, sweeps and ambient atmospheres recorded with top classic and modern hardware synthesizers.
    • Buy additional banks in the BankShop
    • Play using adjustable piano keyboard or large drum pads
  • Real-Time Recording and Parameter Automation
    • Record as you play the notes. Change instruments and tracks without stopping playback
    • Use metronome and “slow down” mode if you are not a piano virtuoso
    • Record parameter changes as you move controls
  • Step Sequencer
    • 8 tracks and FX curves editor. Instruments are not bound to tracks, so you can play chords or use multiple instruments on a single track
    • Edit music events using piano keyboard, drum pads and other controls
    • Set note duration, panning, velocity and gliss
    • Copy/paste, move and transpose selected area or patterns
    • Arrange pattern sequences to create a complete song
  • Mixer and Effects
    • Adjust tempo, master volume and beat shuffle
    • Set level / mute or solo mode for each of the 8 tracks
    • Route tracks to one of 5 configurable effect channels. Available effects: Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Delay, Ring Modulator, Equalizer, LO-FI crusher
  • Sampler
    • Upload or record own samples to create custom instruments.
    • Use sample editor to set a looping area and sample start position.
    • Adjust ADSR envelope
  • WiFi Sharing
    • Export your work as HSQ, MIDI or WAV
    • Import samples and create custom presets
    • Copy your tracks to the audio clipboard
    • Import HSQ songs

If you’ve used iSequence, leave a comment with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “iSequence For iPad v2.0

  1. This program is easy to use for laying down a beat or simple sequence. The only function it lacks is trimming audio that you record. Well… it can crop loop samples, but not one-shots.

  2. It's a nice all in one app, with some great features for the price.
    Personally, i think the "blade runner" patch is worth the asking price alone

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