On Facebook & Liking It?

We’ve added a Facebook ‘Like’ button to posts at Synthtopia. It shows up at the top of each post, under the headline.

If you’re a Facebook user, here are three reasons that you should use the Like button:

  • Clicking the Like button helps you out because it lets you keep a record in Facebook of the things that you like, making them easier to find 6 months from now.
  • Clicking the Like button helps Synthtopia out, because, when you ‘Like’ items, you share our posts.
  • Clicking the Like button helps us both out, too! By letting us know the types of posts that you like, we’ve got a better idea of what readers are interested in. That means you get more of the stuff that you like!

Try it out on a post that you like – it takes about 1/16th of a second.

Find us on Facebook here.

And if you’ve got suggestions for the site, let us know!

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