Neurohedron Sequencer – The D12 Music Sequencer

The Neurohedron is a unique music instrument and modal software controller, conceived of as a nonlinear sequencer.

The simplest traditional sequencers may employ eight steps that return to the first step after reaching the last step; in contrast, the Neurohedron is a three dimensional sequencer with twelve nodes arranged as a dodecahedron. With this structure, there is no clear or de facto path that the progression from one node to the next may take.

Yep – it’s a D12 music sequencer!

Each face on the Neurohedron is both a touch-switch that sends input triggers to software, as well as an electroluminescent panel that displays feedback from the software.

Each face is connected in a graph to the 5 faces adjacent to it. Each of the edges between these faces is then weighted between 0 and 1, and the progression from one face to another follows the highest weighted edges.

Each node (face) in the network is then mapped to a MIDI note. These mappings are described by a variety of musical modes. Thus, a sequence on the Neurohedron will send patterns of MIDI notes to a synthesizer platform (Ableton Live, in this case).

See the liminastudio site for more information on the Neurohedron.

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