FL Studio 9.6 First Look

Here’s a first look at what’s new in FL Studio 9.6 (beta).

Highlights of the FL Studio 9.6 update include:

  • Pitcher pitch correction tool
  • New piano roll
  • Browser atuo-hide
  • Magic Lasso
  • Stretch Handle
  • Audio Helper view
  • New Zoom Controls
  • Song Loop
  • Auto-Save
  • Sytrus Zoom Envelopes

What do you think of the FL Studio 9.6 update? If you’re a user, does it add the features that you’re looking for?

Note: This is a preview of FL Studio 9.6, which is beta software.

14 thoughts on “FL Studio 9.6 First Look

  1. This is a really important update, because it announces the old pattern based playlist as deprecated. From now on there will only be Pattern Clips (along Audio Clips and Automation Clips) in the playlist. The old pattern based playlist is still available but disabled by default, and a warning pops up that it may not be there in future releases if you want to enable it. Many things are changing at the moment.

    Other than that it adds some really nice features. My favourite is the new Piano Roll style (variable note height) and new zoom behaviour. And for those who do vocals, Pitcher (and the upcoming Newtone) are a great leap.

    I'm really looking forward to the final FL 10 release…

  2. Although I'm not a user, ILs video series really does a great job of showing off their software. Impressive 🙂

    I see IL folks post here occasionally. If you're reading, what are you using to capture with?

  3. What I like the most of all in the program, it is simplicity of use and fast understanding of a principle of work. Especially it is important for the beginning musician. Pleasant thing is – the way its done – to all plug-ins there is video which explains how to work with, and to each new update there is a video explanation which demonstrates what is made, not only dry “readme&help”. Tried other programs, understanding a work principle from zero point is not so simple. The program as wine in the course of time only becomes better. With each new updating work is easier.
    Best thing for a user like me (not a professional musician and creating music for myself) all program updatings are free and not necessary to pay for each new version!!!

  4. I've always felt the FL piano roll and midi editing are superior to anything i've seen on any other package.

    However the nice thing of FL has been its ease of use, something I find feature creep may hinder.

  5. As if the piano roll couldn't get any better since it's still the best out of all the DAWs', and now it has gotten better with its zooming capabilities, stretch handle, the audio helper view, not to mention the fact it looks exquisite. I'm also loving Pitcher a lot!

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