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We’ve added a Feedback Form form to Synthtopia to make it easy for anyone to suggest electronic music news tips.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for news about electronic music technology or popular electronic musicians.We’re also looking for videos and photos that would be of interest to Synthtopia readers. We’re looking for the type of news that we include on the site – but we’re also interested in your suggestions for news that we’re not currently covering.

A good submission will include complete information (the who, what, when, where, how of the story) or a link or contact where we can find this sort of information.

Here’s an example of a good submission:


We recently made a new music creation system for the Nintendo DSi portable game console, and we thought you’d like to know about it!

You might think “Nintendo, that’s going to be some dumbed down kids crap!” But you’d be SO wrong! Rhythm Core Alpha was designed from the start as an instrument for creating and performing music live, in front of an audience. It has a 12 track drum sequencer, an 8 track piano-roll style melody/bassline synth, a pattern sequence mode, but most of all it includes a LIVE SOLO MODE, where you can solo on the screen using the stylus!

Furthermore, the system’s face buttons allow you to change the key of your sequenced backing tracks, and the notes available in the solo mode are keyed to that, so you can never hit a wrong note! Even better, those buttons can also be reassigned to switch to different loops or different steps in the pattern mode (which can also sequence the chord changes!)

The system comes with 122 drum sounds and 166 instrument sounds, but also includes a full ADSR volume envelope giving you a far more extensive sound palette. (The upcoming European version is said to have even more extensive sound mangling options!)

There is also a full set of editing functions for the sequence data, allowing you to copy, shift, set, clear, randomize, scale, and transpose to your hearts content on single tracks, or any subset of the track list. Using the “Random” function on every track simultaneously and then forcing it into a key and scale with the remap controls actually yields some almost musical concoctions on its own!

We think it is a really killer product for any musician, and at $5 (500 Nintendo DSi Points) it is a real steal (even if you have to buy a DSi to play it on!)

We also have a lovely website with all sorts of information, videos, screenshots, etc. on it at , as well as a handy press kit at . If you just want the original press release (PDF) it is at

I hope you can find some space to mention our product, we’d really appreciate it!

This submission also included a contact name, phone number, email address and Website link.

We won’t publish everything that is submitted, but we will publish items that we think will be interesting to most Synthtopia readers.

Things That Won’t Get Published

Incomplete items won’t get published. Here’s an example:

Synthesizing TTC door chime using Thor synthesizer

Here is a video tutorial on how to synthesize Toronto TTC subway door chime using Thor synthesizer which is part of Propellerheads Reason 5.0. This sound is used in a track Kirill Infinite & Lady DJ – Toronto.

This might be really interesting – but it didn’t include a link to the video….

Cryptic messages won’t get published. Here’s an example:

Vladimir M. Pirouette’s “70 Sheet” (I can only assume you’re not recieving this submission as it clearly is pure genius AND contains at least one synthesizer)

Legendary film mastermind Vladimir M. Pirouette, of Sheet series fame, is at it again with his latest opus, “70 Sheet”. Admirers of previous Sheet films will be happy to see Vladimir return to his roots, while ALL OF THE CRASS, UNCULTURED SWINE WHO HAVE NEVER WITNESSED ANY OF VLAD’S AMAZING, INSIGHTFUL WORKS MIGHT WANT TO LOOK AWAY LEST THEY MELT THEIR BARBARIC “BRAINS”.


This might be the coolest thing ever – but the submission doesn’t tell us what this is, why readers would care or where to find more information.

Hate mail won’t get published:

you sell out

you’re just as bad as fox news
look over your shoulder for karma, she’s around the corner

Other things that probably won’t get published are:

  • Press releases for unknown bands
  • Links to YouTube videos of Jean Michel Jarre covers
  • Typical synth jam videos (we look for ones that are exceptional in some way)

If you’ve got other suggestions for how we can improve our electronic music news coverage, leave us a comment below!

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