Apple Logic Time-Lapse

Here’s another item via the Submit A Story page:

Human Boot Project is a Japanese underground music unit, described as “a genre-breaker, fusing Jazz with Rock and Drum and Bass”.

Their music video for Xan is a time-lapse video that captures the production of the track in Apple Logic Pro.

You can find out more about Human Boot Project at the HumanBoot site.

2 thoughts on “Apple Logic Time-Lapse

  1. Very, very cool. I admire the amount of time they spend mastering… and I notice they're preset junkies (not that this is a bad thing… just… noticed). Really interesting to watch!

  2. …with all due respect this is NOT a very good representation of D & B. And Jazz? What? Where is the mechanism that drives quality? Are we satisfied with the mediocre status quote?

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