MacBeth’s No iPad, One Cigarette, Two Modular Synthesizer, Three Screwdriver Synth Jam

Here’s something for those of you sick of all those iPad-shmipad Synthtopia-sells-out-to-Steve-Jobs iPhone music software posts: an no iPad, one-cigarette, two modular synthesizer, three screwdriver synth jam – from MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth himself!

Don’t try this with your iPad, guys. It won’t end pretty.

Tech details below.  Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Here’s what MacBeth has to say about his prog-style freakout:

Short vid here having fun with two separate MacBeth Mk1 Modulars!

The lead synth on here is comprised of the Mk1 Oscillator ‘B’ (‘B’ for beast!) which on this vid is using PWM and two sub octaves to genrate it’s lead sound- also this 3 module minisynth features the vintage parts State Variable Filter (Mk1 Filter ‘B’) and the Mk1 Dual EG module. Bass synth is two Mk1 Oscillator ‘A’s, Mk1 Mixer, Mk1 all discrete Filter ‘A’ and a Mk1 Dual EG module.

I have a wonderlust about my vintage Hammond emulator- the Korg CX-3 (original) so I thought I’d treat the keys with some screwdrives instead of knives!

Keith!- you are to blame! A ham-fisted video as always- but it gives you the sound!

Keyboard controllers are Korg Prophecys’ and two Kenton Pro Solos.

Videoed using a Canon 60D- signal direct into camera from desk.

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15 thoughts on “MacBeth’s No iPad, One Cigarette, Two Modular Synthesizer, Three Screwdriver Synth Jam

  1. very cool… these modules look different than the eurorack ones…. are these the new ones he's building, or from the not yet released x-factor keyboard?

  2. For me great to see real synth's being used after all the Ipad stuff of late and the screwdrivers were just the iceing on the cake, I am waiting for the vid were 5 or 6 screwdrivers get used 😉

  3. Ken Macbeth is a total dude. Nice to know he's a fellow Edinburger as well, although I may have to try finding his house at some point 😛

  4. Smoking around all that gear is pretty old-school, isn't it?

    My grandpa used to have a cigarette while he pumped gas! You gotta wonder how many guys got incinerated by stuff like that!

  5. Maybe Bob Moog would've agreed with this hypothesis: the circuits in the synths recognise a fellow member of the voltage flow because the man, too, sports an intermittent LED ;)_.

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